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Transforming from One Thing into Another

Do you like caterpillars? I think they are very interesting but they are a little too similar to worms for me to really like them. However, caterpillars change into butterflies! I really appreciate their transformation because I love butterflies! It is definitely one of God’s fascinating miracles in nature!

Last time, we talked about vessels in a large house and how similar the purification of precious metal is to the sanctification of a Christian – verse 20, and today we focus on verse 21.

2 Timothy 2:20-21 (NIV) (Words in parentheses from ESV.)

In a large house there are articles (vessel) not only of gold and silver, but of wood and clay; some are for noble (honorable) purposes and some for ignoble (dishonorable). If a man cleanses himself from the latter (what is dishonorable), he will be an instrument (vessel) for noble (honorable) purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.”

God’s Cocoon

This verse reminds me a little of a caterpillar being transformed into a butterfly.

We need to cleanse ourselves or throw off (wash out) the things that keep us crawling along on the ground and allow God to enclose us in His cocoon. If we will do this He will give us wings to fly.

Inside His cocoon, He teaches us what a sweet and wonderful place His presence is. Then, as we grow and want more and more of Him, He allows the cocoon to split in His good time. Next, He allows us to fly, on the wings that He gave us and with His power. The more we live in the sweet air of His presence the higher we will fly.

To Verse 21:

Throw It Off!

“If a man cleanses himself from the latter (what is dishonorable)…”

What is “the latter” indicating? Gold, silver, wood or clay? Wood and clay, right?

So wood and clay symbolize the ignoble or dishonorable vessels in this passage. Cleansing from the things that hold us as dishonorable vessels are things that keep us from growing and developing a close intimate relationship with God.

What kind of things can you think of now that keep you from growing closer to God? As I consider this question in my own life I can think of several things. I need to throw these things off like a wool coat on a hot summer day. I need to get them out of my life, permanently! And my precious friend, so do you.

Lord, please give us the strength to throw off what keeps us from You.

A close relationship with God is the sweetest most amazing thing we will ever experience. Nothing we can hold onto will ever compare to knowing and walking closely with Him.

Our Strong God

“…he will be made an intrument (vessel) for noble (honorable) purposes…”

It is so amazing! Once we throw off the junk then our strong God, Himself, makes us into honorable vessels.

This goes back to Matthew 6:33 – If I seek Him just to know Him and walk with Him, He will take care of the rest.


“… made holy…”

“Holy” is a word we hear a lot at church, in hymns, and in contemporary Christian music, but what does it mean? According to Mounce’s Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words, “make holy” means “to set apart individuals or objects for special use by God”.

Useful Vessels

“…useful to the Master and prepared for any good work.”

This is where I want to be! How about you? Walking with Him and bringing Him glory in this life is our purpose. People are always looking for a purposeful life and meaningful things to do. If we seek God and do these things we have talked about today, we will have extremely purposeful and meaningful lives! Ultimately purposeful – serving the Most High – God Himself!

To Recap:

Our relationship with God determines our usefulness to Him. As we throw off the things that keep us away from a close relationship with Him, He transforms us into what He wants us to be! Then He can use us in His wonderful plan! Like a beautiful butterfly, flying with the wings God gives us!

Let’s Pray:

Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful passage! Thank You that You want to bring us closer to You and You want to use us for Your glory. Lord, thank You that You give us the strength to do what You want us to do. Help us to remember that without You we cannot do anything for You or Your glory. Please make us what You want us to be and help us to glorify You in all we do. Make us completely Yours. In Jesus holy name, I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper Today:

Ephesians 5:20-24 




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