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Terrific Obsession

This Terrific Obsession

Our passage for today is the first part of verse 8. We will finish the verse tomorrow. Such a short passage, but it can lead you to a terrific obsession with God and His wonderful Word!

Isaiah 58:8a (NIV)

“Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear… “

The further I go in this passage the more excited I get! God’s Word is so awesome and so beautiful. The more time I spend in His Word the more I want to spend time there.

Intimate Relationship

Years ago, I realized I did not love God’s Word the way I should – the way God wants me to love it. I thought of my daily quiet time with God as an obligation that I needed to fulfill if I wanted a blessed life and a close relationship with Him. This is what I thought.

One day, I realized that was a wrong attitude. I began praying that God would cause me to fall in love with Him and His Word – that I would be obsessed with His Word and that my obsession with His Word would lead to my being obsessed with knowing and loving Him intimately.

Terrific Obsession

Other people can tell you about a person or you may even think you know a person pretty well. However, you will never know them intimately until you spend ample time talking to them and listening to them. As you well know, God talks to us through His Word and we talk to Him by praying. The more time we spend listening as God tells us about Himself the more deeply our love for Him will grow. It can grow to the point of obsession. I want to be obsessed with Him. I want my thoughts to be constantly on Him and who He is. Seeing Him work in the world around me makes me love Him more too. Plus, I think that the more obsessed with Him I really am, the more I notice what He is doing around me.

Best of all, this terrific obsession is self-perpetuating. In fact, the more you know Him the more you love Him and the more you love Him the more time you want to spend with Him. The more time you spend with Him the more you want to know Him and so on and so on.

Let’s begin working through today’s part of verse 8:

“Then your light will break forth like the dawn… “

Keep in mind, the text is on the subject of fasting. As we seek Him intentionally (by studying His Word, prayer, and sacrificing comfort through fasting [especially food]) and as our desires align with His will, we will be filled the joy of the Lord!

You can see a light in the eyes of a person who is full of the joy of the Lord, can’t you? It is a light you cannot ignore – like the light of dawn breaking forth over the horizon. So beautiful and so undeniable! God’s beautiful light shining through the eyes of His children is so undeniable!

Your Healing

“…and your healing will quickly appear… “

Many things in our lives are set right, when we align our hearts with God’s will. Sin sickness will dissipate as we are in line with God’s heart and mind and will. He will heal our souls that are sick with sin.

This passage is not saying that if you fast, God will heal you of cancer or diabetes. If that were the case we could fast like taking an aspirin and just make God do what we want Him to do. He would not be Sovereign God if we could manipulate Him like that, would He? I know He can heal cancer, diabetes, and anything else He chooses to because He is sovereign (solidly in control). Sometimes He just does not choose to and we have to trust Him (Romans 8:28).

Heart and Will Aligned

I know from personal experience that if you or someone you know is very ill with some horrible disease, your heart and will being aligned with God’s will, makes the journey much more bearable, and yes, even joyful. To walk closely with God is worth whatever He uses to get us there. He may not put the sickness on us but He can allow it and use it to help us see our need for deeper trust in Him and a deeper relationship with Him.

Hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to share how God did miraculous things in my life and the lives of others during my breast cancer journey.

Tomorrow we will finish up verse 8.

Have an amazing day!

Let’s pray!

Oh Lord, I rejoice in Your Sovereignty. I thank You that You really are in control and that You love us with such passion that You went to the cross and died for us. I thank You for Your beautiful Word. Help us, Lord, to love and even be obsessed with You and with Your Word. I praise You for all You are and all You do! Please make us completely Yours! In Your beautiful name, I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper Today:

John 10:1-18



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