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The Safe Place

Seeking Refuge

Have you been caught in a thunderstorm while driving lately? You know what I am talking about – the kind with torrential pelting rain and even hail. The kind of rain that your windshield wipers cannot handle at their highest setting. Did you see any motorcycle riders seeking refuge under an overpass? At one time I thought they were just getting out of the rain so they would not get any wetter than they already were.

I said something to my son about it riding in the rain. He had a bike at that time and he explained that it is not about getting wet. But, that his helmet did not have windshield wipers.

Oh! Now I get it on a whole different level. They were not seeking comfort, but safety.

Today’s Passage

Last time we talked about Verse 1 and being able to unburden ourselves and get real rest. Today, we will be in Verse 2.

Psalm 91:1-2 NIV

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

Talk About Your Faith

“I will say of the LORD…”

How do you know when someone in your life is a Christ Follower – a Christian? One way is that they talk about their faith, right? Here, the Psalmist is saying that he talks about his faith in this amazing LORD that he serves and loves.

Note: King David wrote most of the Psalms but there were other writers too. There is no indication as to who wrote Psalm 91, but I am certainly glad they did.

My Refuge

“…’He is my refuge…'”

Here the “He” is referring to the LORD.

A refuge is a place of safety and/or comfort.

And we could easily overlook the word “my” but let’s not. According to the writer the LORD is not just a refuge but his refuge.

My Fortress

“…and my fortress…”

Again we see the word “my”.

We do not really have many fortresses in Maine… or in the US for that matter. A fortress is a place that is fortified for battle. Castles are fortresses. They are built to withstand attack and be defended easily, by design. So for the psalmist to call God his fortress is to say that He is a place to run to in battle for safety.

Another Name

I have many names.

  • My full name is Tamara Dell Medley Scruggs.
  • My legal name is Tamara Dell Scruggs.
  • I introduce myself as Dell and that is what most people call me.
  • My Papa called me “Li’l Sweeten”
  • I went by Tammy until I was 6.
  • My Uncle Gene and my Grandma always called me Tammy Dell.
  • My Aunt Mae called me Tammy.

See what I mean? Many names… I am sure you have quite a few as well.

There are many names for God in the Bible but He is still One God in Three Persons. His names usually indicate an attribute of His. We will talk more about that on another day.

“…my God…”

Again we see “my”. Can’t you feel the psalmist holding onto Him with clenched fists?

Earlier in this verse, he uses the word “LORD”. Now he uses the word “God”.

LORD – there are 2 things to share about this word.

  1. Lord means – the boss, the one who is in charge, the one who deserves respect, submission, and obedience.
  2. Because it is in all caps, we know this is referring to the covenant name for Yahweh. This is the name that the Israelites had for God. It only occurs in the Old Testament and in Old Testament quotes found in the New Testament.

God – God is the one we go to for our needs to be met. He is the supplier of our needs. He is our source and He was the psalmist’s source as well.

And What Are You Going To Do About It?

“…in whom I trust.”

He is going to trust Him. After all he has just said, it is pretty obvious what he should do, right? When I look at how big that little verse is, I think, what else can he do???

He is going to trust Him to take care of him and provide for him.

So How Do We Apply This To Our Lives?

Let’s think about yesterday’s entry: Real Rest is not so elusive. It just takes putting our trust in God and running to Him for help and safety. This is as much (or even more) emotional, spiritual and mental as it is physical. So we just need to do what it says. Easy, right??

“Faith rests upon character. Faith must rest in confidence upon the One who made the promise.”          AW Tozer

So, with Tozer’s wise and concise words, we can see that we need to know God’s character to know that we can trust Him. He wants to teach us about Himself above all else. Then we can trust Him and unburden ourselves to Him so we can really rest. We will know Him by spending time seeking Him in His Word and in prayer, right?

Rest in Him today, my dear friend.

Let’s pray:

Lord, thank You so much for all You are doing in our lives right now. Thank You that we can trust You, as believers, with all our burdens. Help us to see clearly, how to get to know You better and to grow in our relationship with You. Cause us to hunger to know You. Help us love You with all that is in us! Make us what You want us to be and help us to be completely Yours. In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper Today:

Psalm 1:1-6


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