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Overflowing with Hope

Very First Post:

This was my very first post when I started the Tapestry Devotional. I know very few people were seeing it then so I thought I would share it again today, and begin our new series of devotionals next time.

Thanks to all of you who join me each day!

I pray that God is using these devotionals in your life for His glory!

Overflowing with Hope

Romans 15:13

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him so that you would overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”


This has been a life-changing verse for me. Actually, it has been a life-giving, sanity-saving verse for me over the years. I heard a speaker, named Mary Glenn Peoples talk about it at an event I attended. I have made it, actually, I should say, God has made it a very important part of my life since then. He has helped me to understand it more and more deeply and see how it applies in so many different situations.

One of My Lowest Points

In the darkest deepest depression I personally have ever experienced, He basically injected this verse into my brain. At the time, I did not have the strength to go after it for myself. It was miraculous and I will never forget it. He is so awesome and so faithful even when we are totally wimping out or totally overwhelmed!

Let’s Go to the Verse:

“May the God of hope…  “

If you are depressed and you are a Christian ask God to renew your hope and help you keep in mind that the hope you have is in Christ – He is our hope. This kind of hope is not a wishing on kind of hope. It is a believing on kind of hope.

“…fill you with all joy and peace… “

All, not just a small amount of but all of it! I just love that!!

Joy is that underlying bubbly ease and contentment that we as believers can have in Christ. It is not the same as happiness. Happiness is situational. It is about what is going on around us. Joy is positional. It is about where we are and who we are in Christ.

Peace is not only a lack of war and angst. It is residing at the source. When we are peaceful, its because we have what we need.

“…as you trust in Him…  “

Clearly, this is happening as we read it and it makes this an if/then statement. If I do not have joy and peace it is because I am not actively trusting God – the God of hope.

“…that you may oveflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

I tend to pour carbonated drinks, especially root beer entirely too fast. I do not have to tell you what happens but I will. It overflows. When it overflows it gets all over the outside of the glass, the counter, etc. If we are overflowing with hope it is going to get all over the place. Everyone we bump into is going to get hope on them. Better than root beer, right??

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope… “

All of this happens by the power of the Holy Spirit. Anything we do that glorifies God is because the Holy Spirit helps us to do it. That is our purpose for being here and He helps us. He does not leave us on our own. That is a really good thing!

Filled to Overflowing

God’s Word is so clear about His character and intention for us. He wants us to walk closely with Him. He wants us to have hope, peace, and joy. Our wonderful God has made a way for us to be reconciled to Himself and not only that but to have an abundant life too!

God has given us His Holy Spirit to help us in so many different ways and here are a few: He helps us understand the Scripture; trust God; have peace. He helps us speak up when we need to and keep our mouths shut when we need to. Walking closely with God, filled with joy and peace and overflowing with hope, powered by the Holy Spirit – surely, this is abundant life!

Ask yourself these questions and just think about where you are in your life now:

  • Are you trusting God today?
  • What is between you and being filled with all joy and peace today?
  • Are you worried about something that is taking its toll on you?

God really is big enough, He really does see your struggle, and He deeply cares for you. 

To Go a Little Deeper Today: 

Read Psalm 40:1-3

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