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Today we will develop the thoughts on yesterday’s entry a little farther. Yesterday we talked about the fact that Jesus is God and has existed always. We touched on how He took on flesh and lived among the people on earth at the time.

Have you ever thought about how something not normal begins to seem normal after a time of adjustment? Like moving into a new house, starting a new job or going to a new school? You get used to things, right?

John 1:14

“The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and Only who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

I have heard it all my life:

“God became a man and came to live on earth, died for our sins, and rose again. He conquered Hell and the grave and we do not have to be slaves to sin anymore.”

I have heard it so many times it seems normal. But tell me,

What is normal about it?

What is normal about God leaving all the majesty and perfection of heaven and coming down here to a place that makes even us sinful humans cringe at times. For Christ to dwell here is likened to me lying down and rolling around in a pig’s mud hole for 33 years. It is an inadequate comparison but about the best I can do at this moment. Nothing in this world compares to the holy, purity of Jesus Christ, especially not me. As you know, Jesus was perfect and sinless. Sin cannot even be in the presence of God in heaven so, though Jesus had observed sin, He had never lived in it.

Then, after living in it for 33 years, He died for us. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Back to the “dwelling” part now. Jesus Christ, God Almighty – the Perfect Son of God – became a man and came to live in our environment with us human. Think for a minute about how that could have been different.

How it did NOT go:

He could have said, “No way! If they want to walk with Me while they live on earth and then spend eternity in heaven with Us when they die, they are going to have to get themselves straightened out. Sin makes Me sick – I am not going down there with them and roll around in it!”

That is not what He said!

Thanks be to God! That is not what He said. Among other things, He said to the Father, that He wanted the Father’s will, instead of His will, when facing execution for our redemption. (Matthew 26:42) Jesus always referred to the Father having sent Him and to the fact that He always did the Father’s will. Read John 17 soon and see how Jesus felt about believers and His Heavenly Father.

Psalm 103:14 says that He knows we are dust. He knew that the only way we could have a relationship with Him was if He did the work to get us back to Him.

Normal? Hardly! What a wonderful merciful God we serve!

Let’s talk about Verse 14 now: 

“The Word became flesh…”

From yesterday, we know that the Word refers to Jesus Christ – the Living Word of God – became flesh and bone.

“…and made His dwelling among us.”

He left His beautiful perfect home in heaven and came to live in our world.

“We have seen His glory…”

His glory shows in the work He did, in the life He lived here and it shows in His Word. God’s Word is the perfect picture of Christ as He is and as He was when He physically walked among our forefathers.

“…the glory of the One and Only…”

He is the One and Only perfect Son of God. He is the One and Only God-Man. Jesus is the One and Only King of Kings. He is the One and Only God with us – Emmanuel. Jesus is the One and Only Prince of Peace.

“…who came from the Father…”

According to the perfect will of the Father, Jesus came to earth as a man and willingly poured out His perfect blood for me and for you. He knew that the debt we owed required perfect blood. Our own blood would not do it. It had to be His.

“…full of grace and truth.”

He gives grace, unmerited favor, and He is Truth.

He left His throne to live with us and die for us. Just think about that whole idea for a moment. Is that not amazing! It is certainly not normal, huh? This passage of scripture can change your life. It certainly has changed mine!

Let’s pray:

Oh Lord, thank You so much for Your beautiful Word. Thank You for sending Jesus to live here and die for us. Help us to never forget that this is anything but normal. It is amazing, life-changing, freeing!! Help us to glorify You with our lives. Please help each one of us to seek You in Your Word to know You and build our relationship with You. Thank You that You made a way for us to be reconciled back to You and thank You for drawing us to You now. Please make us all completely Yours and help us love You with all that we are. In Jesus beautiful, holy name, I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper Today:

Isaiah 53:1-12


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