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Loving Dependence

Loving Dependence

Have you ever had someone depend on you so much that you felt smothered or even panicked? I have. Our beautiful, wonderfully loving God is not at all like that. For this, I am so thankful! He actually wants us to depend on Him with all we are. He wants our loving dependence.

Psalm 62:1-2 NIV

1“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him.

2“He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken.”

Misplaced Dependence

Has it ever occurred to you that if we are depending on something or someone else to meet our needs, that we are going to a false god? That sounds a little accusatory, so please do not be offended. I was shocked the first time I heard this too but the more I thought about it, the more I knew it was true.

For years, when we were first married, I looked to my husband to meet all my emotional needs. These are “God” needs and no human is going to be able to meet them. I thought he was supposed to do that and it really put a strain on our relationship. It was not only impossible for him to do but it was idolatry on my part.

Ironically, just like the people in Bible times who worshiped false gods, the person or object where we place our dependence cannot help us. Nothing and no one can meet our needs the way God can. Deep needs like rest, peace, salvation, worth, life…

Let’s look at Verse 1a:

1“My soul finds rest in God alone…”

We have talked quite a bit about rest, real rest, in the past. God alone – Only God can give us real rest because rest comes with peace, and He, only, can give real lasting peace.

Now to Verse 1b:

“…my salvation comes from Him.”

We know that He alone can save us. But if we work really hard in the church or take meals to an old person, will that help? No. Because we cannot do anything to earn our salvation. It is from Christ. Working and serving come as a result of our salvation – from a full and forgiven heart, we will want to serve Him.

Now let’s look at Verse 2a:

2“He alone is my rock and my salvation…”

My Rock

People will let us down, right? They are bound to because they are not perfect and they/we fail. But we can depend on God like a rock.

One of my favorite places in Maine is Rockland Breakwater Light. It is a lighthouse built at the end of a rock wall called a breakwater. This rock wall is huge – 10 or 12 feet wide and has a rock abutment on the ocean side. It has been there since the late 1800s. Why is it still there? The rocks that form it are absolutely huge! They aren’t going anywhere!!

God is our Rock and He is not going anywhere. An earthquake could move those rocks but it cannot move God our Rock.

 My Salvation

God is the only one who can give us true salvation. We hear “savior” and “salvation” used in other contexts but eternal salvation comes from God through Jesus Christ and Him alone. Right?

Let’s look at 2b:

“…He is my fortress, I will never be shaken.”

So what is a fortress? A place designed to offer protection, right? They are used in military situations.

At the far end of that breakwater in Rockland, Maine, there is the lighthouse. A lighthouse is also a type of fortress – against a storm. They are built to survive and continue shining during the worst of storms. They were a haven for the lighthouse keepers and their families when the lighthouses were still manned by people. Several years ago, I remember hearing about some people who had the misfortune of being trapped on a tiny island off the North Carolina coast during a hurricane. There is a lighthouse on that island and they sought protection from the storm in that lighthouse. They lived to tell about it. They were not shaken.

God is the one we can seek protection in! He is our fortress. In Him, we do not have to be shaken.

What a wonderful God we serve! I love His beautiful Psalms!

And the Psalms are so true for us – TODAY!

Our world can be crumbling around us and when we seek refuge in our Mighty Fortress, we can remain unshaken – peaceful and calm – trusting Him with the outcome.

Things to Ponder:

  • Are you looking to have your “God” needs met somewhere else? All of us have at one time or another, I think. We need to repent and be careful not to continue. Even though we cannot see God, we can see He mighty acts all around us. If He is big enough to make the huge rocks and mountains, He is big enough to meet our needs.
  • As a believer, do you feel like God comes and goes in and out of your life? That is not ever the case. When you became a Christian the Holy Spirit came to dwell in you and He is God. He is not a second class minor God. He is God – one with the Father and the Son and He is always with you. If He feels far away it may be that you have let sin get between you and Him but He is right where He has always been. You are the one who took a step away. He does not come and go – He is always with you.
  • Are you easily shaken? I tend to be. In my case, it is because I am not keeping my eyes fixed on Him. I am allowing myself to be distracted from the fact that He is with me. He is just as real as the co-worker that sits across from you. We just need to keep that in mind and keep our eyes on Him.

Have a wonderful day! May the Lord help us all to walk closely with Him today!

Go Deeper Today:

John 12:44-50


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