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Love Overflowing

Love Overflowing

We continue today in the beautiful passage in Ephesians 3. We have talked about verses 14-18 and today we are talking about verse 19.

Have you ever met someone, for the first time, that just oozes sunshine? You can tell they love Jesus and for some strange reason, they seem to love you too?? Are you one of those people?

Ephesians 3:19

“…and to know this love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”

In verse 18, Paul tells us that he wants us to grasp the greatness of the love of Christ. In today’s verse, he basically tells us that we cannot really grasp it fully because it surpasses knowledge. Our minds cannot understand this amazing love, but we know this love of Christ in our hearts. In fact, our hearts can be filled with God’s love. Though we cannot understand it, we can enjoy it immensely! And, by His power alone we can return that love back to Him.

His love is such a beautiful attribute of His personality. It seems to me to be one of the first places that He shows Himself to us. He loved us before we even knew He existed.

Oh, that we see Him face to face, as He is, up close and personal. May He draw us and empower us to seek to know Him face to face.

Let’s go to the Verse:

“…and to know this love that surpasses knowledge…”

Such a Great Love

As we said earlier, we will know this love – the love of Christ with our hearts. It surpasses knowledge. Our minds cannot process love this huge, this compassionate, this merciful, this unconditional, this limitless! We cannot know it with our minds but by the power of the Holy Spirit, we can actually experience it in our hearts. This experience changes us!

All the Fullness of God

“…that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”

Let’s start with the end of this phrase:

“…all the fullness of God.”

Without God we are incomplete. He designed us to need Him. Even when we are Christians, we can be incomplete. God’s fullness completes us.

Obviously, His “measure” is so much more than ours. Of course, that makes sense, seeing as how He is so much bigger than we are. You can think about it like this: If a glass is full it is satisfied; It is at capacity; it is at its measure.

To the Measure

“…that you may be filled to the measure of…”

Say you fill a glass “to the measure” of the glass you have filled it up all the way to the top.

If you fill an 8-ounce glass with another full 8-ounce glass, the first is satisfied, filled to the measure. 

When we are filled to the measure, we will not overflow.


“…all the fullness of God.”

First, we need to talk a little about what fullness means. According to Vine’s Expository Dictionary, fullness speaks of the contents of which something is full. It is not talking about an amount. To the measure is an indication of an amount. Fullness is contents. He is full of love, mercy, grace, peace… 

So, when Paul prays that God will fill us to the measure with His fullness, He is asking that we are filled up to overflowing with all that is in God. As we are being sanctified we are going through the process of being filled to overflowing with what God is filled with. Think of His attributes. Think of the Fruit of the Spirit.

To Overflowing

When you fill an 8-ounce glass to the measure of a gallon pitcher, the liquid is going to overflow all over the place. For us, being filled to the measure of all the fullness of God, it is like putting a gallon of water in an 8-ounce glass. His fullness overflows by design. His plan all along has been to fill us to overflowing. As we interact with other people, His fullness gets on them too. They get to touch God through being with us. Again not that we are God but He is in us – and if we are overflowing every one we encounter gets at least a little love, grace, joy, power… on them.

By Design

He fills us with all the fullness of Himself in His love. Then, we are made complete and we are completely unable to contain it – to hold it in. When that love overflows, the people around You will get wet; wet with Living Water from an unlimited source of unconditional amazing love. You and I are the glasses He wants to fill to overflowing for our own good and for the good of those around us.

Ask Him to fill you today, and keep filling you to overflowing – to the fullness of His measure!

Let’s Pray:

Lord, thank You so much for Your amazing love. Thank You that You want to fill us to overflowing. Please make us all You want us to be and help us to be ready for You to fill us and use us for Your glory in all we do. We are Yours, please help us to be completely Yours. Use us for Your glory. In Jesus beautiful name, we pray. Amen.

Go Deeper Today:

2 Timothy 2:20-21



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