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Limited and Limitless


Life can seem so mundane at times, huh? Day to day things seem to stay the same and there is not much to be excited about. Ah, but that is because we are keeping our focus on the things that we can see and with our physical limitations in this life. Take a minute and think about our wonderful God as the Bible says He is – in all His vastness, His power, His beauty, His majesty, He limitlessness…

Yes, we are limited but He is limitless in every sense of the word and there is plenty to be excited about!

We continue studying in our passage in Ephesians 3 today. Last time we talked about verses 14 and 15.

Our Verse for Today

Ephesians 3:16 (NIV)

“I pray that out of His glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through the Holy Spiritin your inner being…”

Often in the NIV, the verses do not break with the sentences so while we are working through Ephesians 3:14-21, we will often be working in part of a sentence but a whole verse.

This passage is life-changing for sure, but it cannot be breezed through, without you losing the impact. That being said, remember to slow down and think about it as you read it.

Let’s go to our Verse:

“I pray that out of His glorious riches…”

His Glorious Riches

Paul is making his requests for the Ephesian church and for us on a God-sized scale – “out of His glorious riches”. Man-sized riches are nothing compared to God’s glorious riches. Take a minute and consider the difference.

Out of God’s glorious riches, He made Mount Everest… Catalaya orchids… ladybugs… the amazing human body… the vast oceans… sequoias… palm trees…

His riches are unfathomable! We cannot measure them and we cannot contain them. They are inconceivable for our finite minds. Just as His ways are higher (Isa. 55:9), His riches are beyond what our minds can imagine. However, I want to try! How about you?

Back to the Verse:

“…He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being…”

Paul prays that we and the Ephesians will be strengthened with power – the Holy Spirit’s power – in our inner being.

Note: Some places in God’s Word are exclusive to time, place and people, but we can take this letter to the Ephesians as our own. It is written to believers. You can tell that some of the things are specific to them but the truths of walking with God and glorifying Him are for all of us as believers.

Strengthened with Power

Have you ever come to a place in your life where all your strength was gone and you did not know how you would face the demands of another day? I have.

In the late summer of 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and have been cancer free for 15 years now. Thanks be to our amazing merciful God!

The journey was long and not simple but God carried me through.

Drained and Refilled

I recall one particularly tough day in that amazing journey. I had been to a particularly discouraging doctor’s appointment and just had no strength left for normal life. We were having a “revival” meeting that night at our church and I went because I did not want to be at home alone. Everyone was asking how it had gone at the appointment. I cried all evening as I went through the day over and over. I was simply worn out.

After the service was over, I was sitting and talking to one person in particular and a group of my friends gradually formed around me. They all prayed for me. They will never know how much it meant to me or how much I needed it at that moment. God was really showing me His wonderful love through my sisters in Christ that night.

The next morning I dragged myself out of bed with a long overwhelming “to do” list. As I opened the curtains of our room I realized that a beautiful day was in the making. A song came into my heart at that moment and I felt that God was singing to me – “Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, it’s alright… Little darlin’…”

He poured His strength into me, picked me up, sat me on my feet and walked me through that day. He was there walking me through many more difficult days that followed as well.

Worn out?

He strengthened me with power through the Holy Spirit in my inner being. What an awesome beautiful God He is!

Do you need strength today? God is in no way limited in your circumstances. Seek Him. He is waiting to pour His strength into you. Just ask Him.

Now, is that not exciting?? That God Himself wants to strengthen us!

Let’s Pray: 

Thank You so much for Your beautiful Word. I thank You for how You showed Yourself to me during that time in my life. I am so thankful that You made me know You better and showed Yourself so amazing to me. Lord, I lift up each person who will read this and I ask You that they know You in a deeper way and that they truly seek You to know You more. Help us to know how truly unlimited You are. Please help us all to glorify You with our lives. Help us to be what You want us to be. Please make us completely Yours. In Jesus beautiful name, I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper Today:

Psalm 73:23-28



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  1. lisaebrantley says:

    It’s funny, well, funny/amazing how God can put a song in our heart and instantly we feel his love. I know without prayers from my friends and family and God’s unfailing Yes! Unlimited love my life would be much different today. His riches are many as I have witnessed just sitting here with your Max in your backyard. Max’s joyful frolicking, the lush green trees, a hummingbird, a butterfly and a very loud, very beautiful Bluejay announcing himself from your evergreen. I am blessed!

    1. dellscruggs says:

      God’s love surely fills our hearts with His beauty and shows His beauty in all we see! I too am so blessed! I count you among those blessing!

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