A New Beginning

A New Beginning

I hit a spot in April 2019 where I thought I was really past the point of no return and the only way I could stay out of the pit of complete despair was to have some kind of a new beginning.

Despair – A Terrible, Bottomless Dwelling Place

I mentioned in my last entry that I was watching my life pass by while I slept and the more time passed the more depressed I got. I found despair to be a terrible, bottomless dwelling place. The reason I call it a dwelling place is because I was living there. The only way out was if God gave me some kind of new beginning and pulled me out.

Murilla Cuthbert, Lucy Maude Montgomery’s fictional character in Anne of Green Gables, told Anne that to despair was to give up on God. That little phrase has stuck with me for many many years. Much like a memorable kick in the gut, I have never forgotten the impact of the word despair. I always want to be sure that when I grab hold of a quote, that it is in line with the Bible. So here in Psalm 42, I got my answer.

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