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God is Working

I originally posted this devotional last April. I thought I would share it today after touching on Romans 8:28 last week.

God Works All Things for Our Good

Romans 8:28

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purposes.”

I have heard this taken out of context so often – actually only taking part of the verse and trying to apply it to someone’s life when trying to encourage them.  The misquote would be something like this: “Now you know that God is going to work everything out for your good.”

Who Does This Apply To?

Our God, the God of the Bible is inherently good and He wants to do good things for His children but in situations where the person has rejected Him as Lord and Savior, I am afraid this scripture does not apply. It sounds harsh, but this verse is talking about believers in Christ. No Matter what kind of problem a person has, if they are without Christ, that is their biggest and worst problem. That they need God to fix their daily problems is peripheral, the fact that they are lost and headed for an eternity separated from God Himself is the real problem. Salvation is the starting place.

When we as Christians apply this verse to our own lives, we may have questions. Bad things definitely happen to Christians, too, so sometimes its hard not to wonder why. It is hard to see this scripture in action unless we really slow down and look at it.

A Disclaimer

Before I go into this next part of today’s devotional, I want to say, that we have been so blessed to be able to have healthy children. God does not choose this for everyone and I am thankful, so please do not let this in any way seem like I am complaining or making our story more than it is.

A Private Lesson

When Joseph was eight years old, he was diagnosed with a chronic sinus disease. He periodically had to have surgery to manage it. When facing his very first surgery, the date was set for a month before the actual surgery. I was not and still am not very good at waiting for something that is in the near future – good or bad. For those few days and weeks, we worked to reassure him and talk to him about how he could trust God and how much God loved him. Meanwhile, inside I was on the verge of just losing it. I was in such a knot, I thought at any moment I might just implode. As much as I was trying to help him to trust God, I was really struggling to trust God myself.

2 Days Prior

One of the things we talked about often at our house was how God teaches us things about Him through the hard times. A couple of nights before the surgery he asked me, “Momma, how do I ask God to teach me what He wants to teach me through this?” This question was unprompted.  I realized through him, my precious eight-year-old little boy, asking that question, that God was definitely at work and He was teaching us all what Romans 8:28 means. 

Let’s go to the Verse:

“And we know… “

Not we think – we know. I want to know God, His character, His personality… I want to know where He stands in and on our life experiences. What are His opinions? We can know.

Big Picture

“…God works all for the good… “

God is not limited by time so He can see the whole picture all at once. As a result, He takes all our life experiences and weaves them together for a good outcome – for His glory and for our good. One thing we can always know about God is that He always does things in keeping with His character. He will never do anything that does not ultimately glorify Him and when it glorifies Him it also benefits us.

Do You Love Him?

“…of those who love Him… “

Here is the clincher! According to the verse itself, it only applies to those who love God! That is how most people who apply it wrongly do so. The word love in the Bible is not taken lightly. It does not get thrown around like it does in our society today. Do you really love Him? If we love Him we will put Him first – before ourselves.

His Glory – His Purpose

“…who have been called according to His purpose.”

His purpose, at the very least, is that He be glorified. He knows that His glory will draw people to a saving knowledge of Him! That people see Him rightly (glorifying Him) is the reason we as Christians are still on this earth.

The Crux of the Matter

How about that – our reason for being on this earth, is for God’s glory. That is our main purpose for living. Think about it this way: Do people see the love and goodness of God in your life? Does your life make people want the kind of relationship with God that you have?

So then, everything works together for good for us – good on God’s terms and that will bring Him glory and be good for us. May this be so in all our lives! As we head into our next storm, let’s keep in mind that God knows exactly what is happening in clear detail. He knows how to make it all come together for His glory and our good. We may not be able to see the big picture but we can trust Him because He can see it.

Let’s go to the Lord in Prayer:

Thank You for loving us, Lord! Thank You that You are in control and You are able to work things out exactly the way they need to work out. Help to simply trust You, knowing that You are truly in control and You love us. I love You, Lord! Help me to love You more. In Jesus wonderful name, I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper Today:

Matthew 8:1-4

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