Finding My New Normal

Finding my new normal. Over the past few years, I have realized that I have been changing in ways that are far more than the simple aging of a healthy woman. It came to the point that I was no longer being able to just push through in August of 2018. It was time for me to find my new normal, like it or not! I had so many different things going on as far as symptoms, I felt like I might just be losing my mind. Brain fog, fatigue, dizziness… let’s just say it is a long list, okay? The fatigue and other symptoms were pretty terrible, but for me, the brain fog was the most debilitating.


By the end of that summer, I realized that something was going on in my body and mind that I could no longer ignore. This led to my leaving a position in a jewelry store, that I really enjoyed.

I carried overwhelming fatigue and a thick brain fog into every single workday. My job performance was suffering. I knew it but I could not seem to overcome it. My boss did not understand… of course, she did not understand! I did not understand! The worst part of my workday was when I would go to the computer to complete a transaction and I would just stand there and look at the monitor – waiting for my brain to tell me where to start and then, waiting for it to tell me what to do next. That would send me into panic which made the brain fog much worse. I had to begin adjusting my thinking to this new way of life, even if I did not like it.

There is Hope

There is hope, though, and this is not the end of my story!! Since I stopped working in 2018, I have traveled a long confusing road but I haven’t traveled alone. It hasn’t always been fun, it has often been quite depressing, however, I never left the care of my loving Lord. Almighty God has been with me through it all, carrying me in His loving hand. He has helped me at every turn – in making it through terrible days and by giving me an amazingly supportive husband, family, and friends. He has also helped me find ways to keep living in a hopeful way.

I hope you will join me as I share this journey!!