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Christ’s Love Compels Us

Christ’s Love Compels Us

How do you make decisions? Do you make a list of pros and cons? Or do you flip a coin? Do you pray?

2 Corinthians 5:14 – 15 (NIV)

For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that One died and therefore all died. And He died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for Him who died for them and was raised again.

Whose Will Matters Most?

In every situation in life, lordship is always the issue in decision making. The question should always be: What does God want me to do? What is His will? He cares about the details of our lives.

Even though He is all-knowing, all-powerful, and ever-present, He will allow us to “take over” in our decision making. He will allow us to make bad even sinful decisions if we choose not to submit to His lordship in an area. He does not want us to decide against His will because He has our best interest as well as His glory in mind. It is not in His character to force us when we are bent on going our own way, but when we repent He does not always remove the consequences of our disobedience either even though He has forgiven us. It grieves Him because He wants us to go His way for our own good and then He will be glorified in our lives as well.

As Christians, there really should never be a question of whose will to follow because we belong to Him. We are not our own; we were bought with a price. Out of ecstatically grateful hearts, we will obey and let Him be Lord moment by moment. At times, we have difficulty with His lordship because we lose sight of the great price Jesus paid for us and we also lose sight of the fact that His will is absolutely what is best for us. We then also lose sight of how grateful we should be and of the enormous amount of gratitude that He deserves.

Staying close to Him is the only way to keep from losing sight. He is so trustworthy and His way is really the only way because it is the only way of blessing. God is sovereign – unmovable, unchangeable and in control. He is sure and we can count on Him to always be who He says He is. Quite a promise! (Hebrews 13:8)

Before Christ

Before we surrender our lives to Christ, we live for ourselves. In committing our lives to Christ and receiving the amazing grace He gives, we step into a whole new realm. Before we become Christians, we live for ourselves. We do what we want to do, we buy what we want to buy, and be who we want to be.

Freedom In Christ

When we truly receive Christ and give our lives to Him, we are no longer our own. (1Cor 6:19-20) As Christians, we are “a little Christ”, a junior, if you will. It is a process but now we are to live our lives for Him, do what He wants us to do, buy what He wants us to buy, and be who He wants us to be. This is not a set of rules but a beautiful new freedom – the freedom to live and walk with God. It is the freedom to glorify Him and be held by Him.

When we truly receive Christ He changes our hearts. He sets us free from the things that hold us captive. How? He has power over those things and He breaks their hold on us. He saves us from eternity in hell and gives us eternity in Heaven with Him. Jesus gives us the freedom to walk out our lives with Him. Isn’t He is truly so wonderful?!


The Jesus took on human flesh and then took on the debt that I owed and the debt that you owed. The only way the debt for our sin could be paid was by a perfect sacrifice shedding its sinless blood in payment for it. Jesus was beaten for us and humiliated. His suffering was unimaginable. He did that so that we could be free from our sin. We are free to walk and live with Him.

It Bears Repeating

I know I talk about this often but the purpose of this devotional is to help us grow in our relationship with Christ. We need to keep this forefront in our minds. It is the absolute most important thing that happened in history and in our individual lives. The day Christ came into my heart was the single most important day of my life. The days I married David, had our sons, watched them marry beautiful Christian women and the day our granddaughter was born were huge huge days… milestones. However, the day Christ came into my heart to dwell made me a new creation. I am His and I will never ever be the same.

At the End

He wants believers to walk in fellowship with Him here on earth and when this life is over, He will take us to heaven to live with Him forever in His very presence – truly face to face. We will be perfect so He will not have to cover us, to be a buffer, because we will have been made perfect. We will then dwell in the most fabulous place that has ever existed and it will be lit simply by the glory of God. I am so grateful that I am His!!

Gratitude drives us to obedience – He truly is Lord.

Let’s go talk today about Verse 14:

“For Christ’s love compels us…”

It is the love that Christ displayed on the cross that compels us toward Him, toward obedience and toward gratitude.

“…because we are convinced that One died for all and therefore all died.”

He did die for all of us. The question we must ask ourselves is this:

What am I going to do with the fact that Jesus Christ died for me and gave me an opportunity to have hope, a future, and eternity with Him in heaven?

His love poured out in the form of His precious blood, IS enough to compel us to gratitude, obedience, and death to ourselves. Most of us will probably not die a martyr’s death, but we are to live for Him and His glory alone. I said earlier that it is a process. It is the process that will take a lifetime. If we live for His glory alone, then He will make things in our lives right – in accordance with His will and plan.

And, that is really living!

Let’s pray:

Thank You so much, Lord, for this beautiful passage. Please help us to apply it to our lives. Help us to stop and invite You into each situation so that we can glorify You with our actions. Help us to hear and recognize You leading. Please make us completely Yours. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper Today:

Romans 6:5-14



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