Hi, I’m Joe, Dell’s oldest son. I thought I’d take a moment to introduce you to my mom.  I pray that God uses the works compiled here to show you Himself.

A Unique Lady

Dell is a really unique lady and I am very glad that she is following her calling to share the word of God with you.  My entire life she has given herself to filling the role God has placed in front of her.  She homeschooled my brother and me through grade school. During that time she wrote some of the material you will find on this site.  She has been writing devotional material and dedicating herself to shepherding other believers, while in her own pursuit to know Our Creator.  I hope that you find the writings here to be as inspirational as she intends.

My mom has spent her life doing things to help those around her.  When I was a kid she became the Music Director at our church, she also helped to lead children’s programs and learned so much our Lord’s character under our pastor.  She then went on to help start and direct a ministry that is now known as Cherokee Pregnancy Center. It’s a pro-life crisis pregnancy center that has blossomed into a center that provides complete crisis pregnancy care.

She has her flaws and her weaknesses,  but she genuinely wants nothing more for you than she wants for my brother and me: a deep personal relationship with this God who created you and wants you to know Him, no matter what.

My Health Struggle

When I was growing up I had a rare disease that we still battle today.  I’m not going to die or anything and that’s not my point.  As I grew up it put a strain on her and she really sought God to help me and to guide me through the struggle.  My mom never ever allowed me to feel sorry for myself or question why I kept having to be in the hospital.  She always told me to: “Be a lump of clay ready to be molded and God will turn you into the vessel for His will”.  She truly believed that and she helped me to learn to believe it.

Mom’s Health Struggle

Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 14. I remember both my parents were visibly shaken to their respective cores.  My dad was in Bible college at the time and she was in the planning phases of the pregnancy center.  She went on to have two surgeries.  To say that her faith was rock solid would not be accurate.  This was one of the hardest times in my life and in hers.  She did not lose her faith in the slightest but it was definitely taxed.  That being said, God showed Himself to her in many ways including through my father and our church family.


Mom came out stronger in her faith, with a new zeal for writing and getting in the trenches to pull others out and into the light of His Grace. She wrote some other material you will read on this blog in those days.

I could continue to tell you about how God has used my mother to shape me into the man I am today but I will let her do that.  May God draw you closer to Himself through the words He has given her.

Thank you.